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America Swings has had some of the most talented entertainers as guests and the stellar roster continues to grow. Where available, the artist's web site or other sources of online information are linked from the names. If you wish to contact us about a specific show, please refer to the number in the column to the right (e.g., #AS00062)...

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#2002 Guests
Heidt Alumni (Auld Lang Syne)
This is a real treat for me! Some of The Horace Heidt Alumni are with me to celebrate a Horace Heidt New Year's show from days gone by! The Heidt Alumni: Allen Breneman, Devvy Davenport, Reita Green, Dick Kerr and I will be back right after these messages.
Heidt Family (Christmas Show)
Today is a very special show for me! My family is with me to celebrate an old-fashioned Christmas! The Heidt Family will be back right after these messages.
Tony Danza
Today our guest is an actor/director/producer/writer/singer/dancer - WOW! We will be talking with the critically-acclaimed, multi-talented, Tony Danza, right after these messages.
Tutti Camarata
A real living legend is with us today! The word "tutti" in musicology means "all play." That's what this legend has done - ALL! We will be talking with the great, Tutti Camarata, right after these messages.
Harold Jackson (Ink Spots)
One of the 1940's most popular vocal groups with hit recordings like, "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire," "Them There Eyes," "Java Jive" and "If I Didn't Care," and many others. The Ink Spots were to the 1940's what the Beatles were to the '60's. We will be talking with the last surviving member of the Ink Spots, Harold Jackson, right after these messages.
H.H.Jr.'s Big Band Musicians
The Horace Heidt Orchestra is celebrating its 79th anniversary this year! We will be talking with three (3) of the greatest big band musicians from my big band - Jack Feierman, Gary Herbig and Lon Norman - right after these messages.
Gloria DeHaven
There is nothing like a musical, especially the Hollywood musical! We have in studio today, one of Hollywood's most glamorous musical stars. We will be talking with the beautiful Gloria DeHaven right after these messages.
Pat Boone
We are VERY fortunate to have one of the top 10 rock recording artists of all time, and we'll be talking with Pat Boone right after these messages.
Tony Martin
One of the most famous names of all time in entertainment, Tony Martin, is our guest today, and we will be talking with him right after these messages.
Bill Allen
Since I am the son of a famous entertainer, it makes me especially happy to interview another famous entertainer's son. Bill Allen, Steve Allen's son is our guest today. We will be talking with Bill Allen right after these messages.
Gil Stratton
One of the most well-known names in sports broadcasting is our guest today. Gil Stratton began his broadcasting career more than 30 years ago when he began working with KNX radio. We will be talking with Gil Stratton right after these messages.
Sue Raney
Whether it's Johnny Mandel, Michel LeGrand, Julie Andrews or the Bergmans expounding praises for song stylist Sue Raney, she is, from all aspects, mistress of her craft. Leonard Feather had described Raney as "…instiller of goose bumps." LeGrand used the words, "…tenderness, charm, extraordinary ability to swing." Blessed with an envious range - every note luxurious, Raney is also persuasive with a lyric.
Louie Bellson
What would you say if you had the opportunity to interview one of the greatest drummers in American history, someone who holds four (4) Honorary Doctorate Degrees, has worked with just about every famous American band that ever was, and who was married to one of America's icons in vocal jazz - the fabulous Pearl Bailey! Well, our guest today is the legendary Louie Bellson!!!
Roscoe Farnsworth ("Roscoe's Rascals")
Today, we have someone you see quite often in television series and commercials, and may not realize it. We have ROSCOE FARNSWORTH, Choreographer/Dancer/Actor, and we will be visiting with him right after these messages.
Johnny Vana
Our in-studio guest today is a very special person to me! When he was ten years old, he was one of the winners of my Dad's "Youth Opportunity Shows."
Chuck Southcott
Today, on "America Swings" we have one of the VOICES anyone who has lived in southern California during the past 30 years would recognize in a heartbeat! Our guest today is CHUCK SOUTHCOTT, broadcast personality extraordinaire!
Ira Lee
Today, on America Swings we have the "Singer's Singer," who has worked behind the scenes with many of the greats, including Judy Garland, Ann Miller, Fran Jeffries, Paula Kelly, Jr. and the Modernaires, Don Ho, Herb Jeffries and Gina Eckstein, daughter of the legendary "Mr. B." Herb Jeffries has said, "I've never known anyone who understands the full range of the human voice like Ira Lee." Our guest today is Ira Lee.
Gary Owens
What better guest to have on our radio show than someone who is the consummate expert on voice-over, narration, and radio announcing in the country. He was the first person to be inducted into both the Television and Radio Halls of Fame. He's been a regular on at least 14 different television series, including That 70's Show, Rosie O'Donnell and America's Funniest Home Videos, not to mention, thousands of commercials He was the famed announcer on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. Our in-studio guest today is, of course, The Great Gary Owens!!!
Beryl Davis
Well our guest today, Ladies and Gentlemen, was born for the stage! She has been a big band singer all her life. She has sung with such greats as Bob Hope, George Shearing, and Frank Sinatra, not to mention, The Glenn Miller Orchestra! She has recently returned from opening the Glenn Miller Museum in England. She's also a dear friend. The international, Beryl Davis is here and we will visit with her right after these messages.
George Greeley
Have you ever wondered how some of the themes of the movies and TV were created? Well, our guest today knows. He has scored some of the all-time great motion pictures, such as, "On The Waterfront", "The Eddie Duchin Story" and "Hellcats of the Navy". Besides being a concert pianist, he has arranged and conducted for Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Gordon Macrae and Jane Powell, to name few. We will visit with the great composer and arranger, George Greeley.
Les Brown, Jr.
Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. Today, on America Swings we have a master of many trades in the entertainment world. He is a drummer, singer, bandleader, actor, record producer, concert producer and television producer. We only have a ½ hr. show but we will try to hit each one of his separate careers. Our guest today is Les Brown, Jr.
Herb Jeffries
Hello Friends. It's a special day here on America Swings!! How do I describe our guest today? Well, he is undoubtedly one the finest interpreters of jazz songs and ballads. He is a veteran of the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Known as "The Bronze Buckaroo", our guest today is the multi-talented, Herb Jeffries.
Fred Travalena
Good Morning, Friends. Well, get ready to laugh today because our guest is an extraordinary impressionist, comedian and singer and most recently a songwriter. Known to all as "Mr. Everybody", we will visit with the amazingly funny, Fred Travalena!!
Bill Miller (Sinatra's Pianist)
Hello Friends. Today, we have a very special guest with us. He's one of the finest pianists, arrangers and producers around. He has worked with the likes of Billy May, Count Basie, Nelson Riddle and even Princess Grace of Monaco. But his mainstay was his long-standing personal and professional relationship with Frank Sinatra, as his conductor and accompanist. Of course, I'm speaking of the multi-talented Bill Miller. So stick around after this break because I know there are some great stories to come.
Peter Marshall
How do I describe our guest today? He is possibly the most versatile man in show business. He's started out as a big band singer, he was on the comedy circuit, he has starred in major Broadway musicals such as "Music Man", "Bye-Bye Birdie", and "La Cage Ah Fole" and he was host of the Emmy-Award Winning "Hollywood Squares". Peter Marshall is here! He has brought his new CD called "boy singer" and we will hear more from him right after these commercial messages.
Johnny Magnus
Mahlon Clark
Do you remember the melodic music in the song "Red River Valley" or the sweeping clarinet solo in "Sleepy Time Gal"? Or how 'bout the quirky and percussive "Baby Elephant Walk"? Well, our guest today is responsible for creating some of those beautiful sounds. He is an alumnus of the Tex Beneke, Bob Crosby and Lawrence Welk orchestras respectively. A winner of the 1993 "Jazzman of the Year" award, Mr. Mahlon Clark!
Barbara McNair
This morning, ladies and gentlemen, I have the extreme pleasure of sitting across from one of the Greats! She has a voice like satin. She is a star of the Stage, Screen and TV and she has been voted one of the 10 most Beautiful Women. Right after this quick break, we will return with our guest, Barbara McNair!!!
Dick Van Patten
Welcome to our 3rd show celebrating fathers. Our in- studio guest today is a friend of mine as well as my dad's and he's also my neighbor. A one-time child actor then Broadway show-stopper, our guest is best known for his role as "Tom Bradford" on the hit TV series "8 is Enough". The proverbial 'dad', Mr. Dick Van Patten! Welcome Dick!
Bill Watrous
Today on the show we have an amazing talent. He is a Grammy nominated, trombone virtuoso. He has played with such greats as Count Basie, Roy Eldridge and Woody Herman. He is the son of Big Band Trombonist Ralph Watrous.

Dick Kerr/Ken Berry
Since Father's Day is coming up; June 16th to be exact, we will be celebrating fathers. To start this show I'd like to celebrate my dad, Horace Heidt, Sr. who has meant so much to so many people. In the studio today we have two Horace Heidt alumni. Ken Berry, well known for his regular stint on Mama's Family and Mayberry RFD. And Dick Kerr, best known for his uncanny singing impressions of Elvis, Art Carney and Perry Como.

GUEST ARCHIVE FOR 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002


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