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America Swings has had some of the most talented entertainers as guests and the stellar roster continues to grow. Where available, the artist's web site or other sources of online information are linked from the names. If you wish to contact us about a specific show, please refer to the number in the column to the right (e.g., #AS00062)...

GUEST ARCHIVE FOR 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002
2005 Guests

Dick Van Patten

Part I (Christmas)

Part II (New Year's) #AS00114
  Jimmy O'Keefe (Dennis O'Keefe)
Our guest today is the son of one of the most lithe, brash, charming, tall and rugged lead actors of the Golden Age of American Cinema. Dennis O'Keefe during his career, which spanned over three decades, had over 215 films to his credit. Besides acting, he was a writer and director and he performed in over 30 notable TV Guest Appearances. Jimmy O'Keefe, his son, is with us in studio! We'll be right back with the life and times of Dennis O'Keefe.
Aurora Napua Ka'awa
We just finished having a fabulous Luau here at the Horace Heidt Estates. Today our guest is the producer of the show, Aurora Napua Ka'awa. Aurora was crowned Miss Hawaii and represented Hawaii at the Miss America Pageant.
Marilyn King
Today we're going to do something that is a little different. We are going to interview our guest singer Marilyn King of the King Sisters at our Annual Luau here in Los Angeles. The King Sisters and the King Family as you know sang with many Big Bands including Horace Heidt, Alvino Rey, Les Brown, Ray Anthony and Freddy Martin. They had their own network television shows and specials. Since the King Sisters retired in 1986, Marilyn has been the only one carrying on the family tradition in entertainment.

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Part I
Our guest today is an American actor best known for his roles in television series, "77 Sunset Strip" and "The F.B.I. The son of world-famous violinist Efrem Zimbalist and opera star Alma Gluck. This award winning actor is the father of actress Stephenie Zimbalist. In part I of a 2 part interview. We will be discussing the musical heritage & career of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Part II
We are back with American actor extraordinaire, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. with part II of our interview. Today we will be discussing his career in film and television and also we will be discussing the acting career of his daughter Stephanie Zimbalist.
Dorothy Barrett
Our guest today is founder, director of the American National Academy Children's Workshop here in Hollywood. When Francis Lederer formed the American National Academy of Performing Arts he brought Dorothy Barrett in as administrator and director of the Academy Children's Workshop in 1965. Since that time our guest has dedicated her life to children. She recently was given the Humanitarian Award of the Year by the City of Los Angeles for her outstanding dedication to children. We'll be right back with our guest Dorothy Barrett.

Ken Berry

Part I
Our guest today has worked in every phase of the entertainment industry. Beginning as a young boy, he traveled with the Horace Heidt Original Youth Opportunity Program. His early theatrical recognition came from the very successful Billy Barnes reviews. The three hit series that he is best remembered for are "F-Troop", "Mayberry R.F.D.", a spin off of "The Andy Griffith Show" and most recently he appeared as Vinton Harper as a member of "Mama's Family." We'll be right back with our guest Ken Berry.

Part II
In 1983 a series began called "Mama's Family." The 30 min. sitcom evolved from sketches on the "Carol Burnett Show." After NBC cancelled the series after two seasons the series continued production for the syndication market for several more years becoming one of the first dramatic or comedy series to successfully move off network and continue in syndication. Our guest today Ken Berry appeared in "Mama's Family" from 1983-1989 playing the role of Thelma Harper's divorced son Vinton Harper.

Art Linkletter

Part I
Our guest this week has been a star in show business for more than 60 years. He has lifted our spirits through radio, television and print… a true Svengali of the podium. He has motivated thousands of listeners during his magnificent speaking career.

Part II
Today we will be doing Part II of our interview with TV personality Art Linkletter. Art is a speaker unmatched in talent and drive. Art's annual schedule consisted of 75 paid speaking engagements, numerous board meetings, national television appearances, a week long surfing trip off the coast of Hawaii, and skiing in Park City, Utah.
  Kris Lamans
Our guest this week Kris La Mans has extensive experience within many aspects of the entertainment industry including as director/actor, screen writer, singer/song writer, producer and administrator/fundraiser. Mr. La Mans formerly was the second tenor with the world famous Platters.
Bob Lanning / Roberta Sherwood
Our guest this week is a drummer and musician who has done all kinds of studio work and worked with stars like Elvis Presley. But on today's show, I asked him to talk about one of my favorites and certainly one of my father's favorite singers, Roberta Sherwood, his mom! She was a talented suburban housewife who in 1956 rose from obscurity to become a headlining torch singer and entertainer, performing with the likes of Mickey Rooney, Don Rickles, Joey Bishop and Milton Berle. We'll be right back with our guest Bob Lanning.
Whitey Mitchell
Our guest this week Whitey Mitchell, boy bass player, joined his first 'name band" at the age of 18 and by age 23 appeared at Carnegie Hall with Jazz at the Philharmonic and Gene Krupa. He became a regular at New York's Birdland, Basin Street, the Embers and the Village Vanguard. He toured with Benny Goodman, Les Brown, Buddie Rich among others. Later on he enjoyed a successful career in TV and film writing.

Stan Irwin

Part I
Our guest this week Stan Irwin, Producer, was born into a show business family that dates back to Vaudeville. This will be part I of a two part series. Mr. Irwin, well established as a pioneer and innovator of all areas of show business, was the producer of the Johnny Carson "The Tonight Show" for two years and for almost two decades vice president and executive producer of the Sahara-Nevada Corporation.

Part II
Today we're going to visit once again with Stan Irwin who spent more than two decades as vice president and executive producer of the Sahara-Nevada Corporation. He initiated major performance practices in Las Vegas and was the first to present Broadway theatre attractions.

Jackie Simley-Stevens
Our guest today has established herself as a top studio vocalist for Universal / MCA, A&M Records among many others. Her innate talent for writing, creating vocal arrangements and vocal production naturally has led to touring and much more. She has worked with such notable artists as Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, BB King, Lionel Ritchie, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Queen Latifah and Patti Labelle.

Jeanie Cunningham
Jeanie Cunningham is a licensed pilot flying both piper cubs and helicopters, golfer , dog enthusiast, high speed amusement park rider, vocalist, guitarist and most importantly a song writer. Her musical pursuits as a solo artist have taken her around the world from Bejing to Cairo as well as performing in Europe and the U.S.
Dave Pell
This week's guest cut his teeth by playing tenor sax during the big band era with bands like Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James to name a few. He was a featured star for Les Brown and his Band Renown for thirteen years. He also is known for his photography and had his own column in Down Beat Magazine called "Pell Mell." The Dave Pell Octet was one of the bands credited with the creation of the west coast jazz scene in the 1950's.
Frank Campana
Our guest this week has worked in the entertainment industry as a performer, personal manager, and a public relations capacity for many years. He has personally represented several of the major entertainers in the music, film and recording industries. Some of the artists he has worked with include Ed Sullivan, Merv Griffin, Tony Bennett, Angela Lansbury, Frankie Avalon, and Barbara Streisand to name a few.

Ray Evans

Part I
One of the greatest songwriting teams of all time was Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. They wrote songs such as "G'Bye Now", "Buttons and Bows", "Tammy", "Que Sera Sera", "Silver Bells", "I'll Always Love You", and lyrics written by Henry Mancini Melodies like "Dear Heart", "Mr. Lucky", "Dreamsville", and "Bye-Bye". Ray Evans is with us in studio!

Part II
Ray Evans and Jay Livingston wrote 26 songs that sold a million records or more with a total record sales that has exceeded 400 million. Their songs have been called "national treasures". We'll be right back with part 2 of our interview with songwriter Ray Evans.
A.C. Lyles
Our guest today knows everything there is to know about Paramount Studios. He should… he's been there over 60 years. Our guest has first hand knowledge about the famous Hollywood film studio and the film stars that helped make the studio famous. A.C. Lyles is with us in studio!
Sharon Carz
With 30 years of experience in figure skating - both competition and performance- this week's guest is a true star of the ice. Currently coaching on a consulting basis, Sharon Carz represented the U.S. in world championships in the pair event in 1990 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Stunt doubled for Moira Kelly in the film "Cutting Edge" and in "Cutting Edge II" she will be a principle. Sharon Carz is with us in studio!
Jewel Akens
The story of today's guest is the story of a man born to sing who started by singing background for such legendary artists as Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran and Bobby Darin. The Texas native came to Los Angeles at an early age in time to be one of the movers and shakers in what was then dubbed Rock'n Roll. Jewel Akens is with us in studio!
The Coasters / James Russell
The Coasters were one of the few one doo wop to successfully straddle the line between music and comedy. This made them one of the most popular early R&B/Rock& Roll acts, as well as one of the most consistently entertaining doo wop / vocal groups of all time. Jimmy Russell, veteran singer, is with us in studio to talk about the Coasters and their recordings!
The Platters
One of the greatest doo wop groups of all time is with us on the show today. Considered the most romantic of all the groups, i.e. the ultimate in 'make out music", The Platters made their debut on October 1, 1955 with their gold hit record, "Only You (And You Alone)" on the Mercury label. After that, hit after hit came tumbling forth in a seemingly effortless manner, "The Great Pretender", "My Prayer", "Twilight Time", "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", "Harbor Lights," all of them establishing The Platters as the classiest of all. The amazing Platters are with us in studio! We'll be right back with -- Eddie Daniels, Cliff Curtis, jr. & Robbie Robinson in Las Vegas.

Rhonda Fleming

Part I
Our guest today is a native born Californian. A true star in every sense of the word, she has appeared in over 40 motion pictures, graced the stage on Broadway, Las Vegas and here in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl and guest starred on numerous major television shows as well as devoting most of her private life to philanthropic endavors. Without question, the most famous redhead ever, Rhonda Flemibng is with us in studio! We'll be right back with this spell-binding movie star!

Part II
We are so fortunate to have back for the second week one of Hollywood's most famous move stars. We've talked about her movies now it's time to discuss her current endeavors. Rhonda Fleming is with us in studio! We'll be right back with - our spellbinding red-head.

Ray Briem

Part I
During the Golden Age of Broadcasting, KABC TALKRADIO 79 was the voice of L.A. And from midnight to 5 am in the morning, Ray Briem was the voice of KABC. All night long, Los Angeles talked to Ray Briem and all night long, Ray Briem talked to the world. Famous for his call to all parts of the globe, Ray brought a new awareness to his audience by introducing them, via the telephone, to people who reside in small towns and villages all over the earth. Ray Briem is with us in studio! We'll be right back with Part I of THE KING OF THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT, RAY BRIEM.

Part II
During the Golden Age of Broadcasting, KABC TALKRADIO 79 was the voice of L.A. And from midnight to 5 am in the morning, Ray Briem was the voice of KABC. All night long, Los Angeles talked to Ray Briem and all night long, Ray Briem talked to the world. Famous for his call to all parts of the globe, Ray brought a new awareness to his audience by introducing them, via the telephone, to people who reside in small towns and villages all over the earth. Ray Briem is with us in studio! We'll be right back with Part II of THE KING OF THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT, RAY BRIEM.

Jeraldine Saunders

Part I
Our guest today is a powerful, multifaceted best-selling author whose years of astrological practice, books and lectures have made her a worldwide success. She is listed in the world Who's Who of Women. She has appeared on Good Morning America, Merv Griffin and more than 400 other radio and talk shows in the US, Canada, Europe and the Pacific. Astrologer Jeraldine Saunders is with us in studio! We'll be right back with -the author of the Love Boats-Jeraldine Saunders.

Part II
We're back with Part II of our interview with multifaceted best-selling author Jeralding Saunders! We will be discussing her book SIGNS OF LOVE and astrology in general.
  Don Sky
During the 50s my father Horace Heidt had two network television shows one on CBS and the other NBC. Being a bandleader who started out, on stage, in Vaudeville during the 1920s he decided to bring for the first time to early television a group of beautiful female dancers which he called the Heidt Steppers. The man he engaged to choreograph these beautiful dancers from all over the United States is with us via phone from Portland, Oregon today. We'll be right back with -- Don Sky.

Jayne Meadows

Part I
Our guest today is an extraordinary star of stage, television and the Silver Screen. Jayne Meadows is an Emmy-award winner and five-time Emmy nominee. She received the Drama-Logue Award for Best Performance in Neil Simon's LOST IN YONKERS which critics called a "once in a lifetime performance." We'll be right back with, Jayne Meadows, with Part 1 of a two part interview.

Part II
We're back with part 2 of our interview with Jayne Meadows. Jayne is living the kind of career and life that Dreams are made of. Married to the late Steve Allen and sister of Honeymooners co-star, Audrey Meadows, Jayne is not only true Hollywood Star but she is part of one of the great entertainment families ever. We'll be right back with Jayne Meadows.
Gogi Grant
Our guest star today was voted Most Popular Female Vocalist by Billboard and Cash Box Magazines in 1956 after her 2-million seller, "The Wayward Wind" which replaced Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel" as the number one song in the nation.

Gary Mule Deer

Part I
Gary Mule Deer is with us in studio! Gary's unique comedy and music has set him apart as one-of-a-kind. He has performed on every major stage in the U.S; appeared on television over 300 times, including the Tonight Show and the Late Show with David letterman; was one of six comedians, along with Jay Leno, to appear on the very first HBO comedy special; was co-host of Don Kirschner's Rock Concert for four years on NBC and has had over 80 appearances on TNN. We'll be right back with --Gary Mule Deer with Part 1 of a two part interview.


Part II
One of the great Vegas entertainers, comedian, singer and musician Gary Mule Deer is back with us in studio! Bob Goen of Entertainment tonight has said of Gary "This guy has got to be the funniest man on the Planet". We'll be right back with the funny side of Gary.

Jane Russell
One of the silver screen's top stars is with us in studio! She got her start in Hollywood in a fmilm that was pulled from view before many peopole saw it. The film was THE OUTLAW! We'll be right back with DARK-HAIRED MATINEE IDOL-JANE RUSSELL!
Marilyn King (King Sisters)
Our guest today is the baby sister of a show Biz dynasty-The King Family, which was created by her father-William King Driggs. We'll be right back with singer extraordinaire-Marilyn King.
Marilyn King (Alvino Rey)
Recently America lost a true National Treasure! Alvino Rey, real name Alvin McBurney, was one of the First important electric Guitarists: he played with my father, Horace Heidt, 1934-1939. Alvino's band featured, the King Sisters (vocals), Skeets Herfurt (Alto Sax), Buddy Cole (piano), and arranger Frank De Vol. We be right back with Marilyn King (the youngest King sister) to discuss the Life and Times of Alvino Rey.
Greg Degler
Greg Degler of the Horace Heidt Orchestra is with us in studio! We'll be right back with -- tenor saxophonist, Greg Degler.

Artie Shaw

Part 1
On the eve of America's entry into World War II, TIME magazine reported that to the German masses the United States meant "sky-scrapers, Clark Gable, and Artie Shaw." Some 42 years after that, in December l983, Artie Shaw made a brief return to the bandstand, after thirty years away from music, not to play his world-famous clarinet but to launch his latest (and still touring) orchestra at the newly refurbished Glen Island Casino in New Rochelle, New York.

Part 2
On first meeting Artie Shaw, young Wynton Marsalis remarked, "This man's got some history." Shaw is regarded by many as the finest and most innovative of all jazz clarinetists, a leader of several of the greatest musical aggregations ever assembled, and one of the most adventurous and accomplished figures in American music.
Paul Winter
Award-winning saxophonist, bandleader, composer, explorer of the world's musical traditions and founder of Living Music and the Paul Winter Consort, Paul Winter has been motivated for the past thirty years by the vision of a musical-ecological community, and has followed a steady course towards his unique 'Earth Music', a vital celebration of the creatures and cultures of the whole earth.
Libbie Schrader
Libbie is now a solo artist with a passionate alt-pop style. Her 2004 release Letters to Boys received the top review of the week from, and it was also given the highest demo rating of the year in Music Connection's final 2004 issue. Libbie has just released a new album, Taking the Fall, produced by Grammy winner Brian Paturalski (Outkast, Faith Hill). The album has recently received KCRW airplay for the tracks“A Long Day” and “Now You're Good.”
Peggy Duquesnel
A musician of stunning range and complexity, Peggy Duquesnel's achievements in music are a testament to her incredible devotion to the art of music. The recording projects and concerts that have been part of her musical journey run the gamut from pure elegance to down-home jazz, and have teamed her up with some of today's most sought after musicians.

Gary Owens

Part 1
For over 30 years, Owens has reached national audiences with a series of syndicated comedy and music programs, including Soundtrack of the Sixties, Superfun, and Gary Owens’ Weekend Spectacular.


Part 2
Perhaps his best known role was that of the announcer on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. He has been heard on countless commercials and provided voices for the animated characters Space Ghost, Roger Ramjet and Ren & Stimpy’s Powdered Toast Man. Gary Owens was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1994.

John Lee Hooker
John Lee's style has always been unique, even among other performers of the real deep blues, few of whom remain with us today. While retaining that foundation he has simultaneously broken new ground musically and commercially. At the age of 80, John Lee Hooker received his third and fourth Grammy Awards, for Best Traditional Blues Recording (Don't Look Back) and for Best Pop Collaboration for the song "Don't Look Back" which Hooker recorded with his long time friend Van Morrison.
Trini Lopez
His first big break came at the popular night spot called P. J.'s. Here, he was spotted by the world famous record producer, the late Don Costa, who then brought Trini to the attention of his longtime idol, Mr. Frank Sinatra. The great singer recognized a fellow stylist and immediately signed Trini to an exclusive eight-year contract with his own label - Reprise Records.

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